Thursday, March 27, 2014

homework for week ending 4/4/14 spelling reading test 4/4/14 math test 3/31/14 on adding money monday 3/31/14 math p,. 112 phonics p. 305,306,307,308 spelling words 3 x each tuesday 4/1/14 math p 113 phonics p. 309,310,313,314 spelling sentences 1-5 wednesday 4/2/14 math p. 114 phonics p. 315,316,317,318 spelling sentences 6-10 thursday 4/3/`4 math p. 115 phonics p 31`9.,320,321,322 spelling story friday 4/4/14 Speliing words 4/4/14 backward dollars forward doctor word work earth heard learned eyes bonuis flashlight Reminders we need 1 ream of copy paper 2 boxes of tissues and 2 packages of baby wipes we are also creating an art box we need crayons markers and colored pencils in a pencil case labeled with your child's name on it
Homework 3/28/14 Monday math worksheet phonics P 284,285,287,288 spelling 3 x each tuesday 3/25/14 math worksheet phonics p. 293,294,295,296 spelling sentences 1-5 wednesday 3/26/14 math worksheet phonics p. 297,298,299,300 spelling sentences 6-10 thursday 3/27/14 math worksheet phonics p. 301,302,303 and 304 friday 3/28/14 no homework math test postponed until monday 3/31/14 adding money 3/28/14 spelling test this weeks words are coins dosappointed join moist pointed soil annoy boy enjoy grow bonus birdseed

Monday, March 24, 2014

tuesday 3/25/14 *** and talent show information

Science test is postponed until Tuesday march 25,2014

pizza lunch Tuesday
gym as well

talent show at 1 pm 3/27/14
children are to wear a brightly colored tee shirt with jeans and sneakers
parents are invited to come at 1 pm
first grade is performing a song and they are in the finale

join us for a fun filled afternoon of entertainment

mrs balloqui

Saturday, March 15, 2014

**spelling test 3/21/14 on this weeks words
** Religion test 3/21/14 (study sheet going home today)
*** Science test 3/24/14 (study sheet going home today)

Monday 3/17/14 St. Patricks breakfast- spelling bee

homework: Math p. 108
phonics 267,268,269,270
spelling wors 3 x each

Tuesday 3-18-14
math p. 109
phonics 271,272,273,274
spelling sentences 1-5

Wednesday 3-19-14 (st. Joseph's Day)
Math p. 110
Phonics P. 275,276,277,278
Spelling sentences 6-10

Thursday 3-20-14
Math P. 111
Phonics P. 279,280,281,282

study for religion and spelling test

Spelling words

Bonus word discovered

Thursday, March 6, 2014

tomorrow 3/7/14 half day after school will be provided homework for week ending 3/14/14 monday-phonics p 245,246,247,248 math p 104 tuesday phonics p 249,250,251,252 math p 105 wednesday phonics p,. 253,254,255,256 math p 106 thursday phonics p. 257,258,259,260 math p 107 friday report card conferences 1-3pm 5-7 pm talent show we are singing two songs costume bright tee shirt and jeans beautiful by bruno mars happy by phirrell tickets on sale shortly